We make furniture configurators

The Furnitise configurator is a bespoke realtime 3D webGL tool that enables countless variations of a product and immediately shows the correct prices. Simply link the configurator to your webshop and your customer can experience all the options and proceed to purchase.

Zoom, rotate and view products in high quality on desktop, tablet and mobile. Try all available variants, colors and materials.

Our configurator has been developed from the ground up with the aim of presenting furniture in the best possible way.

One and the same configurator can be linked to multiple web shops. It doesn't matter if it works with another ecommerce platform. In this way all dealers can use the tool.

The furniture configured in real time can be displayed in the room using augmented reality. This feature works on mobile phones and tablets.

You can save your configuration to view it at a later time. You can also share your configuration via WhatsApp.

It is possible to fill a virtual showroom with furniture that you can then configure and buy individually. Think of a brand store designed entirely in 3D. Walk around and get an impression of what there is to see and for sale.